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The First Bride -bookcover

By: Katja Brown

The First Bride

Pages: 186 Ratings: 4.5
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In The First Bride, Katja Brown illustrates a deeply dark and infinitely descriptive account of the mystery and allure of the infamous Count Dracula. Through the eyes and with the musings of a young Countess, the picture is painted of who Dracula was, how he became such a monster, and precisely how he met his demise. Our countess shares her personal worries and concerns, her amusement and boredom, and her need to experience the world in a heightened state. From her home in England to the foreign reaches of Transylvania, she searches for answers to her own history and family, and comes to wonder at the cosmic mysteries of the dynamics of life and death. Though she was dispatched to her uncle in Transylvania for the purpose of developing a proper, noble ladylike behavior, she meets intriguing and extraordinary individuals, falls to the whims of a horrible and sinister man, and returns to her home as a changed woman with a newborn vampire perspective of time and death.  

Katja Brown is a truly bonkers character! Born in May 1997, there are no limitations to her imagination and often, more times than none, her heart is very much on her sleeve. You will always find a friend in her and although she appears dark, nothing is bubblier than her ancient soul. Her studious nature allowed her to draw inspiration from many sources and quirky tendencies make her fiction intriguing.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews
2 reviews
  • JDB

    This young author has produced a thoughtful & atmospheric work which I found very satisfying. A real page turner with hidden depths. Left open for sequels at the end. Looking forward to the next installment already. Very well done. Highly recommended

  • Ashley Tomlinson - HyperAshley

    This book was not at all what I was expecting it to be. Going into this I thought it was going to be like every other Dracula story that I've heard. He charmed the girl turned her into his undead bride and then they lived happily ever after forever killing innocent people to survive. It's not like that at all. Katja Brown has a beautiful way of writing that makes the scenes come to life. The way some scenes were described sounded closer to poetry than anything else. It was amazing!

    The Countess was not like any other female in her time she was not just going to be married off and be an obedient wife. I love that she fought back and did what she wanted rather than what was expected of her. I really enjoyed how close she got with Iuliana. I liked Iuliana's character period. There were some strong female characters in this book that made me want to keep reading. The villain of this book was not who I expected it to be and I was very shocked at that.

    The twists and turns were great and usually surprising to me. Once I really got into this book I couldn't put it down. I even carried it around in my purse to read in quiet moments when I was out and about. I look forward to reading more from Katja Brown, they made a new fan in me.

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