C. T. Mitchell’s article appeared on the CWA website

C. T. Mitchell’s article appeared on the CWA website

The author of ‘Murder Secret’ wrote an article on how he wrote 20 eBooks in a very short amount of time. The article recently appeared on the the Crime Writer’s Association (CWA) website.

In the article he explains his clear motivation by saying “I wanted to be a published author.”

His book centers around a serial killer that is loose in the Cabarita Beach area.

The residents are frightened and the investigating detective is under a lot of pressure to capture the killer.

The killings are all similar and have been happening for over a decade.

Until the latest victim turns up, which changes the whole investigation.

A new officer joins the team in the midst of all this. Jo is from a well respected police family but doesn’t have any experience with murder investigations.

She finds a clue that might prove to be the downfall of the killer.

But if the clue is wrong, it will cost her job.

C. T. Mitchell has been writing murder, mystery and crime novels for years. His first book was a best seller and he has written many such books since then.

This is another successful book with a great story line and twists that will leave the readers stunned.

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