‘The First Bride’ is Evocative and Poetic

‘The First Bride’ is Evocative and Poetic

An article on SWNS.com calls Katja Brown’s book compelling and accomplished novel. The article goes into detail of ‘The First Bride’ and praises the author’s writing style and the premise of the book.

The story takes readers to the home of infamous Count Dracula. Through the perspective of the countess, we learn how Dracula turned into something horrible and ultimately met his end.

She moves from England to Transylvania. Sent to live with her uncle so she can learn to be a proper lady.

That’s not what she does when she arrives. She ends up falling for a sinister man. While she looks at her family’s history and searches for answers about life and death.

Eventually, she returns home but she is no longer the person she was. She has brought a new perspective with her and it is not what she was sent abroad for.

The article praises the author by saying “Katja Brown gives us an extraordinary insight into the central character’s psyche.”

The author was born in 1997. She is a talented young writer who has never lacked for imagination.

She has a somber appearance but there is no one who has a soul bubblier than her. She has drawn her inspiration from many sources and created a brilliant piece of fiction.

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