“Great first book” says a review about ‘Dragon Wing’

“Great first book” says a review about ‘Dragon Wing’

Rebecca K. Busch’sDragon Wing’ received wonderful reviews from readers. The fantasy novel was praised and readers expressed that they cannot wait for the sequel of the book.

The fantasy novel introduces readers to Sigrun.

She was called an abomination from birth because everyone around her was different from her. They all had beautiful feathery wings but she had wings of a dragon.

If she was anyone else, she would have been killed at birth but her father saved her from the terrible fate.

Tragedy lays in wait for her though. One day her family is left broken as her father is killed and her brother taken. It is up to her to find the killer and find her brother.

She sets out of her village and meets a stranger on her quest who becomes deeply involved in her cause.

The future holds many mysteries for Sigrun and she will discover that things that she thought harmless are the most dangerous of all.

Rebecca grew up in Michigan and later moved to Boulder, Colorado. She studied English Literature at university.

She is now settled in Denver, Colorado, and continues to discover new books to read.

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