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Bülent Belbez

Mr Bülent Belbez was born in 1968 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a Chemical Engineer with a BS and MS. He received another MS in food science and technology in the USA. He worked three years technical and 14 years in sales at multinational and Turkish companies. He sold ingredients and additives to mainly food and chemical industry with mostly R&D work in developing recipes and testing the products. As part of his job, he travelled extensively in Europe to visit the companies he had represented for training and meetings. He has been tutoring business English lessons as a freelance tutor since 2015.

Bülent Belbez
Author's Books
A Journey into Sales

-Know and believe in what you are doing or selling.-You serve the needs of others.-Sales is serving the unserved.-Sales is selling whatever is lacking.-In selling, different is good.-It requires a lot of faith, self-confidence, willingness and preparation in accordance with the competitive products ...

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Behind the Sales

Behind the Sales delves deep into the intricate world of sales, revealing the people, motivations, and strategies that drive success. Explore the detailed preparations, digital systems, and routes taken by seasoned sales professionals. This book goes beyond just the mechanics, touching upon the per...

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The Art of Sales

I consider the art of sales to be a chess game well-thought, strategically planned and played carefully. One needs to know the rules of the game and the ethics. It is not only a matter of how well you know the game or play it but also a matter of human psychology, soul, character (which includes th...

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