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Lines of Evidence: How Recent Science Infers the Existence of God-bookcover

By: Rick Jory

Lines of Evidence: How Recent Science Infers the Existence of God

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Secular science demands we accept the philosophical dogma of scientific materialism—that only material entities exist. Yet recent science has discovered the immaterial!

Also mandated is the assumption that all things must be explained by natural causes. But we now are certain that the universe had a beginning. There was a time when “nature” didn’t exist—and yet we must attribute the origin of the universe to nature!

And what about Darwin’s theory of evolution—taken as fact that every plant and animal owe its origin to a common ancestor and naturalistic causes. At the time of Darwin, over a century and a half ago, no one knew the true complexity of the cell. We now know the simplest of living organisms has 159,662 base pairs of DNA and 182 protein-coding genes. What naturalistic cause put all of this together? Could this be assembled by blind, purposeless accident? What does recent science have to say?

And what about recent discoveries in origin-of-life research? Do we now know enough to suggest life could not have created itself?

A lot is happening in today’s science that is best explained through the Christian worldview. Let’s see what some of today’s scientists are now saying.

Dr Jory spent 43 years in the business world. For the last nineteen years of this career, he was president and CEO of a medical device manufacturing company headquartered in the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. He received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1970, followed by a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University in 1972. His interest in using his God-given gifts and God-provided opportunities led to an active involvement in marketplace ministry, business as mission, and church ministry. He received his Master of Arts degree, Biblical Studies – New Testament, from Denver Seminary in 2012; the Doctor of Ministry, with emphasis in Theological Exegesis, from Knox Theological Seminary in 2017, and his Doctor of Educational Ministry, with emphasis in Adult Christian Education, from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2019. His ministry work today includes the teaching of pastors and church leaders in Vietnam. He is the founder of Friends of Vietnam Ministries, a non-profit organisation aiding several Vietnamese faith-based centres that provide care to Vietnamese orphans and at-risk children, as well as scholarships to help young Vietnamese attend Bible college.

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