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Rahul Mirchandani

Hi there!

My name is Rahul Mirchandani and I have been writing

poetry for a few years now. I find language to be an art,

and a beautiful medium of expression and feeling.

This series of poetic verses, along with this style of

expression – in the way they are aligned, is my art. With

this, I intend to create as raw an experience of the

poetry as possible.

Sometimes, you may notice a follow on of expression

from a previous verse. This just so happened to be like


I am truly glad to be able to share this art form with


Thank you.

Rahul Mirchandani
Author's Books
The Spark: An Ode to Life

Through this book of poems, I wanted to express the dynamic mystery that is existence, as well as the innate essence of life that we each carry in us as human beings, and show how language can be a medium for pure desire, as well as the desired. Through this book, with verses that flow like dance an...

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