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Bosko Popovic

Bosko Popovic’s academic background is in economics and as a young man, he has chosen to build his career in international business arena because he was passionate about working with people in different countries and cultures around the world. As a consequence, international travel was part of his work and over twenty years in this field, he was fortunate to have visited and worked in more than 100 countries around the world. He has special fondness for South America and South East Asia, where he has taken a keen interest in exploring “ancient ways of being”. The true “awakening” for him started when he met indigenous people who introduced him to “forgotten” ancient knowledge, which is still cultivated and actively taught by these people.

Those findings have prompted him on a quest for the true origins of humanity and how to maintain and balance perfect health and wellbeing. The key answers presented themselves during his time in China and India where he reached some “eye opening” moments in their Buddhist temples. Those experiences proved crucial in his search for enlightenment, which has led him to study, in some depth, several disciplines such as psychology, biology, physics, ancient buddhist, as well as new age teachings. Also, during his time in the corporate world as hard “non-conformist”, he has questioned ways in which people worked and interacted between them for the purpose of proving their “worth”. All these experiences (quite diverse and non-related) have led him to start writing his own personal development programme, “Journey into Self Awareness”.

Bosko is passionate about helping people to be the best they can be and he is keen to teach and help as many people as possible to reach the conscious understanding of who they really are in order to live fulfilled life. This book was written for that particular reason.

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The Mastery of Life

This book analyses and provides insights into eight key parts of a meaningful life, which when mastered, will make big difference in your life. Due to the complexity of our biological make up, it’s almost impossible to cover all relevant topics without losing focus on what’s important. The aim i...

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