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Adrian Sparlac

Adrian Spârlac is the author of Alzheimer's Return to Functionality and Essay on the Classification of Human Traditional Senses. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. What made him to write this piece of work is the highly intriguing fact that memory has a sequential or episodical return to a patient suffering from Alzheimer's disease. That led him to draw the conclusion that in Alzheimer's disease, memory is intact but for certain reasons it is not accessed. The author of this book will reveal some of those reasons among other highly engaging and very interesting things that our readers will come across in this new piece of work.

Adrian Sparlac
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Bullying and Mobbing in Schools and Workplaces

Considering the fact that bullying and mobbing in schools and workplaces has become a worldwide problem where tens of million people are getting hurt, many of them marked for life and even lose their lives mainly because most societies from across the world failed to protect its people, the present ...

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