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Ahsinam started her journey of Spiritualism a few years back, and since then, she has worked upon changing her thought-process, life which was a challenge to her at every passing moment transformed into an acceptable change.

Now, she enjoys every day of her life, reminding herself that change is within her and living life to its full extent. This book is a gift to the universe, it answers every bit of daily crisis we all face in our relationships with close and extended family, and friends. This book and her other book titled Tangled Loom of Thoughts published by Balboa Press, USA, both resonate on adopting beautiful thinking and rejoicing life.

The author lives in California with her family.

She has a blog:

Author's Books
Inceptions of Our Minds

Inception means birth, genesis, or the first notion of any concept. Thoughts are the first and foremost activities which occur in our mind. The brain processes our thoughts and we think about the processed concept. This book is a small attempt to spread the awareness of how one thought, just a sing...

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