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Alice Vye Henningway

As you will see after reading this book, the synopsis of Alice’s life, hers was an upbringing which was arguably the envy of any number of people. A life worth living; her world full of adventure, excitement and enjoyment with, at times overwhelmingly sad lessons. She has contributed to this planet, indeed making it a better place for Zimbabwean wildlife and her people. Her cup truly overflowed in many respects, and she has very few regrets. Alice clearly has a will of her own. Her love will always be the African bush, specifically the Zimbabwean Lowveld and Chishakwe, the Save Valley Conservancy. Alice (referred to as Joanna in this book), is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. She is writing her next novel, ‘The Flamboyant’, a story about her family’s arrival in Africa at the Cape of Good Hope before the 1850s, her uncle (who is a published author in his own right) will be assisting her with the history of their family’s great trek.

Author's Books
Nyika, I Love You

This story is about a relationship between a child and eventually a woman and her Shona maid, in the lowvelds of a war-torn Zimbabwe. Seen through the prismatic eyes of Joanna, this is the source for a multifaceted and captivating story of people, culture and personalities. The story means a lot mor...

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