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Ann Panum

Ann Panum was born into a catholic family in Cumbria, UK, where she was Convent School educated.

She used to have vivid dreams of flying around the neighbourhood and these dreams increased as she grew older.

As a child, she always wrote short stories and poems for her family. On reaching twenty, she decided to abandon her religious teachings and became more involved in self-help and spiritual awareness.

As automatic writing came into her life several years ago, it brought amazing knowledge and wonderful teachings from beings from other spheres.

Her new ‘friends’ visit her most days, and she has passed on probably thousands of these writings to people across the globe. She believes the most profound of these writings is contained in the book Hello Mother.

Ann Panum
Author's Books
Hello Mother

After a five-month relationship with someone she is compatible with, but not in love with, graphic designer Aimee discovers she is pregnant. Aimee finds herself inclined to speak aloud her thoughts and feelings to the new life growing inside her. She shares her dreams, anxieties and her visions of a...

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