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Ashleigh Best

Chris Best is now retired, a keen gardener, energetic walker and enjoys travelling, however, during the winter he started to write. The inspiration for his first book came from a regular car journey with his youngest daughter, Ashleigh when they created together the ‘Giganta Moles.’

Ashleigh Best has always had an interest in being creative by painting and drawing. In 2017, she travelled to Australia for a year, but upon her arrival home, her father, Chris, surprised her with having written the story that they always spoke about writing. Since then, Ashleigh has worked in the legal profession, enjoys socialising in the sun, travelling, and cuddling any animal that is around.


Ashleigh Best
Author's Books
Giganta Moles - A New Beginning

Have you ever wondered what creates those gigantic mounds of dirt? You might have thought it was a tractor? Or perhaps even a digger? Would you believe it if we told you it was a family of GIGANTA MOLES?! When a large, strange hole appears in a farmer’s field with no indication of what created it,...

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