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Ahang Ashti A.

Ahang Ashti A. has always been fascinated by language, specifically metaphors, and how they can profoundly impact and shape the human experience and depict a single emotion in infinite streams of expression. Such drastically different writers have influenced him – Gibran, Rumi, and Bukowski – and moulding those three influences to create a unique writing style has been his ultimate goal in his literary approach.

Ahang Ashti A.
Author's Books
Something Like Poetry – A Story of a Damaged Writer

I see a pile of the wreckage of a human.But I can still visualize the statue of beauty you used to be;Still, among all the ashes, the tears, the damaged parts,And the cold touch of your buried pain.After all, it was I who demolished you,And it was the sound of your crumbling that awakened me....

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