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B.E. Thompson

B.E. Thompson is a Masters graduate in Coaching Psychology with background experience within the Community Justice Field. Following her journey to achieve her first BA Degree in Criminal Justice to be a Probation Officer, she managed the high risk Intensive programme in the Youth Offending Team then went onto senior management within the housing sector. This role came to an end following her additional role as a carer. B.E Thompson is also a member of her local church where she has spent some time developing and co-ordinating the Prayer Ministry Team, she is also a Tutor and a Work Style Coach and has recently become a CEO and founder of her recruitment service set up to coach, advise and provide support on image and style with the aim to empower individuals and groups seeking employment.

B.E. Thompson
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Through Withered Weeds Flowers Bloom

There is a lot I still don’t know about life or about what the future might bring but I do know who I am and how to incorporate life being more about where we choose to go and not just about where we come from. I believe you can throw out the script we get handed during childhood and make differen...

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