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Brian Kynn

Dear reader, the author has chosen a path in being no one of particular notice; an unknown to all those around him. He could be a relative, friend, neighbour; perhaps a colleague – look around, could be the person walking, standing or sitting next to you this very moment. Adopting the pseudonym Brian Kynn, the written words of odd ys e is a true reflection of who, what and why he is a person of faith and simplicity that has a tendency to theorise outside the box; at times being referred to as divergent, seemed to somehow fit a contemplation of all things creative. But of all that is the author, he defines himself as follows: no one is more or less important than the person they may be standing next to, whether that person be royalty or someone homeless on the street struggling to survive life’s uncertainties.

Author's Books
odd ys e

Pronounced ‘ann iss e’, odd ys e tells of a journey through space and time of an ‘alien’ people that found their way to this world just over six thousand years ago; they called themselves ‘gann’. Being all killed in an unforeseen circumstance, they now survive in the afterlife where they...

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