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Charlie Nelson

Charlie Nelson: Born in England and emigrating to Australia as a young boy, Melbourne has been Charlie's home for most of his life. He has captured many of the city's moods, variations and nuances in his photographs over a number of years, from bayside beach scenes to aerial views, skyscraper scenes and details of the city centre. From street side views to shots from the surrounding hills, Charlie's work is a chronicle of the many facets of Melbourne's metropolitan nature, its suburban labyrinth, sunset landscapes, changing skies with subtle weather differences and those landmark features which distinguish one city from another.

In his pictures Charlie has shown his investment in the ongoing task of seeing the environment in which he exists as a public place and yet an intimate living space where millions of people come together. For some this is in common enterprise, others as transient denizens or tourists, and others as ‘newcomers' such as he once was, bringing with them knowledge and experience of vastly diverse locations which have all come together to make Melbourne a truly multicultural and complex modern city, as it is depicted here. A range of Charlie's photos can be accessed via

Charlie Nelson
Author's Books
A World In A Crystal Tear

A World in a Crystal Tear is a book of poetry, line drawings and photography celebrating Melbourne, the world and man's place in it. For Charlie Nelson and Mack Ross ‘... it is about seeing and depicting an extended record of the modern day role for human existence and to help to preserve the good...

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