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Charlie Seiga

Branded a gangster by the police and media for most of his life, Charlie never considered writing about how it all began, however, he found himself drawn, to pen long passages about his childhood and subsequent adult life in crime.

He has not shied away from writing about violent crime, domestic abuse, or reflections on crimes involving drugs.

Many books written by so-called gangsters are not always as honest, but Charlie’s candid and completely open narrative is truly riveting and compelling, as he opens up about all aspects of his home life and his many years in many aspects of crime.

Author's Books
It's Hard to Be Good

Times were hard in the 1940s and early '50s: kids went hungry and food was rationed; some families had to beg, steal or borrow to survive. But Charlie found his own way out. On a routine basis, together with his childhood gang, they became kid grafters (bang into crime). They did what they had t...

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