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Chris Bensted

Chris Bensted has always had one of those cluttered minds that keeps thinking. His list of interests ranges from the personal as a dad of two boys to the professional as a nationally-known driving instructor to the intrigued qualified in hypnotherapy. This menagerie of interest and experience has a habit of leaking out onto the page.

As a born and bred man of Kent he grew up with a fascination with birds of prey and falconry, one of the few interests that has captured him across the decades. Starting in retail Chris discovered a gift with words and communication that developed in a number of directions. This discovery of communication, which Chris puts down to a lack of natural ability but a desire to understand, produced works from poems to training tools. But having been educated in an all-boys school where the title ‘poet’ would leave you branded for life, Chris never considered taking it further.

Having discovered a calling to help others learn Chris became a Driving Instructor rapidly achieving national merit. He has appeared on Sky News, BBC and others, as well as delivering training across the UK. He started writing again when he became the self-appointed lyricist for the Big Learner Relay, a fundraising event for children in need, leading to various poems and songs being published on social platforms. This also filled his role as a dad making up funny lyrics and rhymes for his two boys, Harry and Louie. One night, combining a little bit of hypnotic storytelling, Is There a Monster? was born, opening a new door in Chris’ journey.

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Is There a Monster?

Mummy! Daddy! I can’t sleep! There’s a monster in my bed! Words that strike fear into a parent’s heart.Now you can have a defence against these dreaded beasts, and promote a good night’s sleep all round.Is There a Monster? tackles the problem head on, while taking the subconscious down a ro...

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