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Chrys K. M.

Born to a Greek mother and a Scottish father in the cultural town of Paisley, in the west of Scotland on October 24th 1989. Mr Morris was exposed to a fantastical range of mythical cultures from an early age, stemming from both Grecian and Caledonian backgrounds.

Ever since the age of eight, Chris had begun to create a whole world of magic and mythology within his mind which he then used as a means of role play with his friends. And so, for many years, Chris had continued to tell the stories of his world along with his buddies, until they were too old to continue playing imaginary.

But that didn’t stop Chris from wanting to keep his world and characters alive, and so he took to literature where he began to write in-depth backgrounds to all of his characters and that of his world which he prides as his greatest achievement.

The journey to Piathos, however, was not an easy one as Mr Morris struggled with many obstacles, including Tourette syndrome, non-epileptic seizures and dyscalculia, which landed him within a school for special needs.

But with a sharp mind and determination, Chris wanted to learn more and thus he pushed himself into further education, all the while joining with the town’s local writers group before commencing into college where he began to write the first in series Warriors of Piathos: The Circle of Destiny all the while studying Media at Cardonald Campus.

Chris then decided to choose the pen name Chrys K. M. to honour his mother’s maiden name Chrysostomou, his old nickname as a child, Kazama. And his father’s surname Morris. Chris is now also a member of Paisley’s up-and-coming comic bookstore Comicrazy where he partakes in a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and runs an open-world campaign of the exciting and expanding universe of Piathos.

Chrys K. M.
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Warriors of Piathos

When a mystical prophecy sent from an alien world crash lands on the quaint aquatic island of the Angelic Oasis just off the north of Californian Sea, ten unexpecting humans are soon each augmented with extraordinary powers.And with the blessing of their gifts, they swiftly follow the dangers that t...

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