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Clifford Warwick

Clifford Warwick is both an animal biologist and a human medical scientist, and author of over 150 scientific and popular articles and books focusing on animal welfare, species conservation and human health. Clifford is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on reptiles and a specialist in diseases shared between animals and people (including worms!).

Author's Books
The Worms

Worms occupy all sorts of environments and creatures in nature, for all sorts of reasons. This book follows the lives and habits (some good, some not so good – from a human’s perspective) of a group (a ‘clew’) of worms of very different types and characters who live in a regular, if somewhat...

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The Bums

A half-ass story in a ‘big ass’ book, The Bums follows the lives of two (sort of) ordinary asses named Ethel and Elsie as they go about their business. Sitting around all day semi-discontented at their lot, The Bums poke fun and insults at everyday things and people. A pair of soft arses with ha...

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