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Edward Cole

I am a Jamaican with dual British nationality. I was born in Southern Trelawny, Jamaica. I attended the local all-ages primary school at Spring Garden until age 14. I left and relocated to Clarks Town, Northern Trelawny, where I attended the local all-age school until age 15. I also attended the Anglican Church, where I was later confirmed as a member.

Leaving school, I served a three-years apprenticeship as a cabinet maker. At age 18, I relocated to Wakefield Trelawny and during that time I acquired my own workshop. In March 1962, I immigrated to England, where I resided in Nottingham. In 1966, I moved to London and remain there to this day.

In 1974, my mother and I owned a property in Bounty Hall near Wakefield, Trelawny. Shortly after acquiring the land, we had a house built on an area where there’s a sloping rock area which forms part of the foundation. There is a much-exposed part of the rock face in the form of molten rock formation, which later became an integral part of the landscape. The variation of the volcanic rocks allows me to give them a place in history, hence the geological landscape art formation.

The aces of karst geological limestone artful formations
Karst is the geological name given to this type of volcanic FRACTURED limestone evolved over tens of
millions of years ago.
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Edward Cole
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Experience the extraordinary beauty of the natural world through the captivating pages of Geo-Artful Landscape. This exceptional art book is a testament to the boundless power of imagination, skilfully transforming intricate arrangements into an exquisite art form. By seamlessly blending nature’s ...

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