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Corinne Riviere

As a child, she was very spoilt by everyone. She would always carry a book and the first member of her family she met she would make them read it to her. She wrote this book for the love that she had as a child, of stories, and especially her bedtime stories.

Her dad read her a lot of bedtime stories, so she thought of every child and wrote this special bedtime story for them to enjoy.



Corinne Riviere
Author's Books
The Merciless Lion And The Cunning Hare

Once upon a time lived a proud lion. He was bold and powerful, and called himself the king.All of the other animals were frightened of him.One day, the lion went for his daily swim in a nearby lake. He was FURIOUS to find that the water was filthy.Who dared use his pool? And what happened when they ...

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