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Daphne Spyropoulos

Daphne Spyropoulos is an author, a neuropsychology extern at Yale Neurology, an advanced practicum student at the Integrated Brain Health Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School, and a Counseling Psychology PhD candidate at Fordham University in New York City. She is passionate about the gut-brain axis and the effects of the gut microbiome on neurodegenerative diseases and on mood disorders. She has published three fiction books in Greek.

Author's Books
Brain's Got the Sh*ts Again

Has your brain ever had the sh*ts? Feeling down, feeling tired, the works?Well so had mine, until a vastly uneventful Eurotrip that led me to intense joint pain, that led me to celiac disease diagnosis, that led me to initially eating cardboard-flavoured things, that led me to tastier options, that ...

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