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Darren N. Webster

Darren N. Webster is a writer and a poet, whose eclectic style of storytelling vividly brings to life visions of the future by tapping into the deeper psyche of humanity. Across all his work, he portrays the seemingly unbelievable as down-to-earth relatable, as he fills his characters with the most human attributes. The prevailing term is always one of introspection, as he takes us into the conflicted minds of deeply flawed heroes and frighteningly familiar villains. All the while presenting them in caricaturesque worlds which ultimately mirror our own reality.

Author's Books
The Last Crucible

With the Union and the Confederacy locked in a vicious and shadowy war for supremacy, The Last Crucible tells the story of one man’s journey to escape it all. Caught in the middle of the chaos, former Union agent, John C. Rhodes, ends up on a brutal and bloody path of discovery. He is no hero, no ...

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