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David G. Cox

David started writing late in life; he was forty-nine when he was made redundant from his position as a manager for a large American computer company.

He had always held an ambition to become a writer since his school days when he won the annual English writing competition. However, his life was already planned and he started his working life as a landscape gardener, working with his father. He enjoyed the life and helped his father create many stunning gardens. After working with his father for a few years he became disenchanted with life as a gardener, and after a disagreement he left to explore different avenues. He finally managed to find a job working for a new company that had recently opened up a plant in a town near to where they were living. He worked and studied hard and eventually became a manager for the company, until he was made redundant.

He married Patricia when he was in his late twenties and they started married life in a small semi-detached house on a new estate. When he was made redundant, still having the ambition to write, his wife told him to seize the opportunity and persuaded him to try his hand at writing. Having written his first book he now had to get it published. This was not easy and he almost gave up, until a chance meeting with an author who told him to try the American market.

That chance meeting was to be the start of David's writing career. His first books were all published in America and he was slowly becoming noticed in the publishing world. Sadly, he was to lose his wife at a young age and he gave up writing.

Eventually, he remarried and his new wife, after a few years, managed to persuade David to start writing again. His first book for many years was published in October 2014; this is his second book since he began writing again.


David G. Cox
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Pearls For Tears

This is the story of a shy young man who finds it difficult when it comes to meeting girls. When by chance he meets a girl while visiting a friend, they fall in love and marry and set out on life's journey, enjoying a wonderful life together. His new wife is a career woman who soon rises to the top ...

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