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David Wilson

To Ride a Red Engine is a first person account told by a fireman who served in the years 1960 and 1970 at some of the busiest fire stations in London.  Detailing the fire in which eight persons were rescued down ladders, and then the account of the fire in which the most persons were rescued by the brigade at one fire.

Then a couple of chapters telling the tale of a cockney fireman who was serving in the shires a large county fire Brigade. Where from serving at one of the busiest fire stations in the land, to riding at a small village and turning out to the sound of the siren.

A very interesting tale told in the first persons style by the author.  In an anecdotal style that allows you to dip in and out of the book at leisure.

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To Ride a Red Engine

This book tells you what it is like to do just that. The author, who served for twenty-seven years at busy inner-London fire stations, gives a fascinating account of his life as a London Fireman. From attending the biggest fire in post-war London to achieving the Chief Officer’s Commendation for b...

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