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D.E. Toft

D.E. Toft grew up in Salford and eventually studied English at Cambridge University. He later spent much of his life in education and taught in the East End of London, industrial West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

He now lives with his wife, Josephine, on the edge of Kinder Scout in the Peak District. He is chair of the Hayfield Kinder Trespass Group, which keeps alive the spirit of the 1932 Mass Trespass. He loves photography, playing guitar in a band with his wife and friends, walking on the wild moors of the Dark Peak and travelling around the globe.

He believes that as well as revealing great beauty in strange and exotic landscapes and architecture, travel also allows us to experience people living their day-to-day lives in different cultures and societies. And despite everything that governments and religions do to divide us, people everywhere share more in their common, caring humanity than ever separates us. After all, we all live on this tiny planet, whirling through a cold, dark, empty universe and we need to look after each other. There are no lifeboats for anyone if this ship sinks.

D.E. Toft
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Still Point

It is the opening years of the 1990s. John Major is newly elected following the decade of austerity and social upheaval of the Thatcher years. High streets are boarded up and the residual tensions of the miners’ strikes, Wapping dispute and the poll tax are still evident across a country bitterly ...

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