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Dominic Tutino

Dominic Tutino is an English teacher and the author of Soot, a novel he began writing during his university years. Since he began writing, Dominic has been a journalist (where he discovered Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), worked for a record label (where bus commutes showed him the charms of Ready Player One) and volunteered as a full-time baby monkey handler in South Africa (where Of Mice and Men entertained him between nappy changes and feeding). Despite these distractions, trying to replicate storytelling around a campfire is his continued pursuit from his cluttered desk in Evesham, broken up only by inane ramblings on Twitter.

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Soot is a powerful and secretive substance.Little is known of the crystal’s origins, but its multiple uses make it the most expensive commodity in the country. A commodity on which New Chimera was built.New Chimera is a steampunk metropolis separated by wealth into two ringed districts, with the o...

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