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Douglas H. Melloy

Douglas has lived the masterless path his entire life. He lives by discipline in all areas of life. He has meditated for forty-three years and done personal work for fifty-two years. Life for him is a work in progress. He enjoys playing music professionally, writing books that are spiritually minded, and he is an expert with martial arts, of which he has studied four styles. They were Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi, Choi Li Fut gung fu, and Tae Kwon Do. He is also a wine connoisseur. His philosophy with life is: "Feel something real, think something true, share them 'in' ways that are kind and conducive."

Author's Books
Opening to the Realness of God

Humanness was created and brought to life 75,000 years ago. Every 25,000 years there is a harvesting of souls according to both positive and negative service polarization. At the end of the third cycle, those harvested as the positively polarized begin the process of working towards collective ascen...

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