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Dr. Leona Nasser

Boasting a doctorate in science, Dr. Leona Nasser has, since the last 10 years, been teaching science, physiology and anatomy, pharmacology, and psychology. Her passion for science and its various branches is a result of the bond she has shared with the subject ever since she was a student. As a student, she would contemplate over how scientific theories could be made more practical in life. Her contemplation eventually led to her passion of teaching students about how science could be implemented in everyday life.

Dr. Leona Nasser has always thought of science as a culmination of much more than just another subject to boost your GPA. She believes science to be a basic understanding of natural laws around us that govern the universe and make the impossible possible. While she relishes her role as a teacher, her transition from a student to an authority over the subject has been a tough one. The transition started when she delved into the origin of the word “consciousness”.

The word “consciousness” has its roots in the Latin word conscio, which was formed by merging “cum”, which meant “with”, and “scio”, which meant “know”. The word was originally used as a means to share something with oneself or someone else. The word and its origin amazed and motivated an inquisitive and young Leona Nasser into studying a lot more about the subject than she had at first expected. Such is her amazement and fascination for the word and the world it contains within that she has now, as a teacher and licensed international trainer, decided to pin her thoughts down on paper.

Within her work, she also wants to share her own near-death experience. The narrative is to enlighten others by making them look at life through a whole different perspective. Real change comes from within, and Dr. Leona Nasser desires to be the master orchestrating it.

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Change Your Life in the Light of Consciousness

As I was doing a research about consciousness before writing this book, I found some talk about the science behind consciousness. While others highlight the spiritual aspect of consciousness, I decided to write a book that transforms this topic into a practical way of leading a successful life. Acco...

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