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Dulcie Winston

Dulcie has spent the last 10-15 years working with children in both childcare and school settings. She finds joy in helping children learn and assisting them to explore and learn about the world around them. She has grown up always reading and enjoys immersing herself in the various worlds created in stories. She also has a great love for many forms of art, such as sketching, painting, poetry and singing. She loves to spend time outdoors in nature and enjoys camping and bush-walking with her husband and daughter.

Author's Books
Believe in You

This story is about a young girl called Mia who faces some challenges in her school day. She finds the strength to get through with perseverance and some confidence. And she also has many friends in her life that support and help her through and encourage her to believe in herself. ...

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Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise is a story about two cockatiels called Spot and Mango who are having their birthday and think their friends have forgotten their birthday. Their friends are acting very strange and Mango and Spot are curious about what they might be up to....

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Just Being You

Just Being You is a story about a dog (Sam) who watches the neighbour's cat (Misty) and wishes that he could be like her. He doesn't realise that Misty secretly wishes that she was like him. In writing this story, I am hoping to teach children that they are perfect in their own uniqueness and to app...

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