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Elaine Lloyd

Elaine Lloyd was born on 5 June 1972, in East Manchester to loving parents. She first met her husband, Neil, in 1982 at Conway, in North Wales, and she told her mother then, that she would marry him one day... and she did!

Elaine had a normal upbringing and her ambition, in her teenage years, was to be an opera singer and “make it” in New York but, although she earned a Grade Eight at the Manchester School of Music, she was unsuccessful in hitting the bright lights of “The West End”, in London, or “Old Broadway”, but she went down well enough at the Tameside Operatic and Dramatic Society and featured in their popular shows until 1990.

Elaine, then worked in a Dog Parlour but, soon discovered she was allergic to dog fur, so she moved into office work where she met “the love of her life”, Neil Lloyd, for the second time, in 1999. Neil, later proposed to her on the top of the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, and they were married in June 2004, in exotic Dominica. It was about this period that Elaine and Neil both discovered they had the gift of Mediumship, even though both of them had experienced many “spiritual events” during their younger days.

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I Believe in Angels

Elaine Lloyd was born in Manchester, into a loving family with three siblings; Ken, Debbie, and Christine, and a poodle, Skippy. She had a happy childhood except for natural, occasional rows with her siblings.Elaine is a happy, pleasant person with a sunny outlook on life with a tendency to play the...

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