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Elena Little

Rena and Elena wrote the MindfulMess Kids Series with the dream to inspire children by promoting Positive Attitude, Mindfulness and Self-love (P.A.M.S.) through the joy of reading. Rena and Elena are sisters and mums who share a passion for helping children and adults feel good from the inside out. They want children to be what they deserve to be and that is at home in their own body, feeling confidently happy in their own skin.

Plus having backgrounds in mindset coaching, nutritional therapy, personal training, reflexology and yoga teaching has made them very aware that the rates of children suffering from anxiety and depression are sadly on the rise. They are also aware of the amazing fact that the percentage of people practising mindfulness is on the rise too. This is why they feel so blessed to have their first book P.A.M.S.’ Peridot Land published. 

Elena Little
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PAMS' Peridot Land

Prince Angelo Magic Sparkle shares bravery and kindness with all those that he meets. This is a very heartwarming story with a lovely moral, sending a positive message to young children. Who will he bump into along the Peridot path today? A gem of the MindfulMess Kids series....

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