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Elizabeth Uywin


Elizabeth Uywin was born in Braintree to a farming family in 1951. Most of her childhood memories are of helping her father on the farm, until her family moved to London to be near her Grandmother.

She worked as a secretary to the Chief News Editor of the Press Association and in the court service for many years. This is her first book of three which follows the life of one particular child called Mary, which has been researched over a period of thirty years. Elizabeth Uywin is widowed and lives in Chiswick.

Author's Books
The Poisoned Pen

In 1942, dead bodies were a common sight after an air raid, so no one was suspicious when a mutilated body of a young woman was found in a bombed-out warehouse. She was just another victim of a war that had claimed thousands of victims. At least that was what Sergeant Timothy Tipping assumed, yet hi...

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Voices from the Past: The Girl

The Girl is the second instalment of Elizabeth Uywin's Voices from the Past trilogy. It wasn't just the destruction caused by World War Two which left the city of London in chaos. Poverty and family disharmony were commonplace even before the Second World War, and children in particular became vict...

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Voices From the Past: The Woman

This is the concluding book of a trilogy that follows the life of one particular child called Mary, who was born into poverty in 1924. Orphaned when she was two years old, Mary was sent to Reedham Orphanage with her brother, Roy, who was her only comfort in a harsh, uncertain world. When her mother...

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Voices from the Past: The Baby

Wars, depressions and political turmoils have often tested and even destroyed many families throughout history. In the difficult years which ensued between both World Wars, London’s inhabitants were no exception. This is a story of one such family. A family named Cole, who actually lived in the 19...

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