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Emma Pierce

After 13 years of a marriage that produced five children, Emma Pierce was divorced and became a single parent. Necessity and passion drove her to take steps to become a journalist. She worked as a journalist until after she wrote and self-published her first book, Ordinary Insanity. She was then 37 years of age. The book was her autobiography of recovery from mental illness after some seven years of futile professional treatment. Now aged 77, this book is the story, not of a life, but of a mind – her mind – the only mind she says she can truly write about.

Author's Books
The Expert Within

The human mind and how it works, what it thinks and perhaps more importantly, why it thinks what it thinks, is a subject that has fascinated humans from time immemorial. The first scholar to tackle this subject was Aristotle, but he was certainly not the first to wonder and ponder the mysteries of h...

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