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Eugene Leguen de Lacroix

Eugene Leguen de Lacroix was born in 1949 in Sedgefield, England and educated at Durham and Maryland Universities. For some thirty years he worked as a speech writer and communications editor, amongst other responsibilities, for the European Commission’s Services in Brussels.

Over the years he has published a collection of poems (The Return Of Heat) and a novel (Sunflowers) as well as translating poems by Senghor and other French language poets into English verse. These translations were published by the European Poetry Festival Leuven University, Belgium in their collections: Poets of Europe 1950-1980 and Africa-Europe.

As an editor and writer, he was responsible for numerous publications on Agricultural subjects for the European Commission – “The Common Agricultural Policy Explained” being probably the most widely read.

Eugene has lived and worked in a number of European countries working in English, French, Italian and Spanish and now lives in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

During the eighties and nineties the “day job” was combined with a musical career under the name of “Frank Leguen” which involved a certain amount of touring as well as live concerts in Belgium and recordings with session musicians and permanent band members, notably with FX Box (Flarenasch Records), Continental Breakfast (Intro-Karakal) and The Studebakers (Musiculture). More recently he has produced a number of solo and collaborative music albums with Tunecore Publishing.

Eugene shares a home in the Flemish countryside with, amongst others, four Border Collies. They gave him the idea for a picture book for very young children, The Story of Jedd.

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The Story of Jedd

Jedd is a dog who lives in the countryside with his uncle Lad, auntie Flea and good doggy friend Jake. Every day he is out and about discovering new things. A hedgehog is prickly, a hare runs very fast and a squirrel can disappear up a tree! Jedd loves to play with a ball and pose for photographs. T...

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