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Eva Katalin Gryngras

Eva Katalin Gryngras is the mother of four daughters and grandmother to eight beautiful, inquisitive grandchildren. She has taught children in all levels of primary school and has specialised in the infant levels for thirty plus years. She has written many stories and poems. Her stories teach children about the world they live in. They inspire them to broaden their imagination, enlighten and spark their thinking and problem solving, have inquiring minds, and develop healthy feelings and emotions. Her charming characters share information about their habitats, and their experiences and adventures invite the readers to look forward to the next episodes.

Eva Katalin Gryngras
Author's Books
Let's Search for the Rainbow

Two fun-loving adventurous frogs named Squeeky and Peeky go on a quest to find a rainbow and the treasure at the end of it. On their way, they encounter Ploppy Platypus who enlightens them of the weather conditions needed for this phenomenon to appear. Children can connect with their natural world...

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Squeeky's and Peeky’s Amazing Discovery

Children are taken on a creative journey that teaches them about the lifecycle of frogs and the physical and environmental adaptations they experience. The story unfolds through the discoveries of our two fun-loving, curious frogs Squeeky and Peeky and their pond friends. This fun-packed adventure c...

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