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Flick Bayliss

Flick Bayliss works as a private psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. She enjoys painting, carpentry, building campervans and learning to ride her motorbike which, truth be told, she is still a little scared of. Having been happily single most of her life, she spent years quietly wondering about her sexuality. She was starting to conclude she might be asexual, until one day she read about demisexuality. It was a comfort to realise that yes, she probably was asexual, right up until the moment she felt a strong emotional connection with another. This made it tricky to explore her sexuality in a simple way as while she suspected she was gay, she couldn’t go off and find out with just anyone. She carried on with her life and her adventures, hoping to meet the right person one day with whom to explore. She finally confirmed she was gay at the age of 44 and became inspired, very much to her surprise, to write this book.

Flick now lives very happily in Scotland with her beautiful partner who supports her in every way. Not only in the journey of publishing this book, but in all her endeavours, including riding the motorbike, at last!

Author's Books
The Awakening Life of Tessa James

Having been with men for most of her life, and having suspected something was wrong, Tessa James realises she is gay at the age of 28. Years later, she is still waiting to fall in love. She opts out of the dating game after a shocking encounter with her doctor. It was unexpected, and it is the fina...

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