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Francis T. Sganga

The author is a WW-II veteran and a retired educator-turned-writer. At 96, he is fit enough to play racquetball and takes no pills, not even vitamins. He wrote eight eBooks after turning 90, mostly about the “miracles” related to being alive and the manifestation of a Creator in all of the things and “non-things” (music, intelligence, the mind and our sense of Beauty) that exist. He unabashedly espouses the existence of an ineffable Intelligent Designer and cites reasons for his belief.

He’s a lifetime learner and an avid reader of non-fiction books.

Francis T. Sganga
Author's Books
The Coffin Chaser

Tony Civale, the protagonist, who is 69, should be seen as a role model for people, notably seniors, who have given up on active, productive lives because they feel they are old, outside the loop or outcasts from society.Tony’s vitality and virility, his dauntless persistence in trying to overcome...

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