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My story is simple enough, just your working class bloke who occasionally likes a drink or three. Played most sports, soccer, cricket, rugby league, Australian rules football, darts and later lawn bowls winning flags and trophies in all bar one, Married to a lovely lady over thirty years now. Worked all my life from the age of fifteen.

I travelled a lot around Australia. If the fancy took me I just stuck my thumb out and went off on my way again to a new town a new start, till that old wind blew again and off I would go.

Marriage was the best thing to happen to me. A beautiful lady, with a great sense of humour changed my life.

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Particular Moments in a Night Time

As far as nightmares go, this one was with me for many years. Coming back from time to time to haunt my nights. Getting into the dark side of my conscious thought, twisting, turning. Then you give the dog a bone and try to remove it from him with force. A fun trip they said. A walk in the park. A c...

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