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George Forss

George Forss is trying to get published for his unusual religious writing even after many years of his career as a photographer. He has special writing involving a creation of new insights and a new veritable science for our world that he has acquired by communicating metaphysically with a spiritual authority that he chances upon, starting in 1969. He has found that the product of this association speaks for itself very soundly even after 35 years of this kind of involvement. His writing is proof worthy.

He is known for his writing concerned with the exploration of spirituality and existence. This is what is said about him.

He feels a great weight of truth about these writings and it spurs him on. He is also notorious for the writing he does about these two subjects whereas he should be heralded in the world of literature instead. George Forss finds that the world of book publishing would want to feature his photography.

He is known as a foolish philosopher that does have something profound to say, so he is still trying. He has never had the proper marketing for my spiritual writings, so they remain mostly unknown.

He is a better writer now, with new issues and new science for our world, which he cannot deny. He thinks our world is rapidly changing in an ironic way now and we will need to get with it in the area of real truth and justice from now on, more so than we have been doing all along in human history.

He cannot deny the validity of his newest writings.

His writing is always a fun project for him, mixed with a degree of religious mystery, romance, poetry, neo-science, and a kind of metaphysically wrought truth, publishes some fantasy books now that offer a good degree of social, cultural, or psychological remedies for our world.

George Forss believes that his writings do so in the areas of these three aspects like no other writings in a natural/spiritual way.

If you can consider that some of the greatest writings were done by foolish dramatists that could do amazingly insightful writings that were then ‘cleaned up’ to meet the world of sophisticated society, then you can will definitely enjoy Forss’ writings.

His latest writing is about ‘fountain of youth’ enhancements; something very fanciful indeed and also scientific. In practice, Forss finds that he is getting a good result with his own involvement with what these writings dictate and the instructions that he follows. He believes he looks look younger than most do at his age.

Author's Books
The Fountain of Youth, A Fountain of Good Health and Youthfulness, A Fountain of Independence and Happiness


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