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George Francis

The author was born in Northern Ireland in a suburb of Belfast. His childhood years bore witness to the perpetration of savage and violent acts in Northern Ireland which became infamously known as ‘The Troubles’. One of those atrocious acts was the murder of his father in 1974. Rather than seeking revenge, he sought to understand the thoughts and motivations behind such savagery, subsequently becoming a student of psychology and counselling. Through his poetry, he proposes a theory of potential peace and unification of the people of this world by appealing to the inquisitive mind which can entertain the concept of peace and spirituality being universal to all.

Author's Books
The Incumbent Spirit

Why are we here? What is our purpose? Is there a higher power and can we connect with it? These eternal questions have been posed throughout the ages. Various views and opinions towards the answers have formed clusters of believers who then forge separate groups of thinking and ideology, sometimes c...

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