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George O'Malley

As a military kid, George grew up in a lot of places. The one he would call home would be Seattle, where he spent most of his childhood. He grew up definitely confused and lost on his sexuality as he began to discover it when he was living with his family in Baltimore. Sadly, his school and fellow classmates were not very open or supportive, often times making threats towards the community, so he kept it a secret. This took a toll at George’s mental state, spiralling him into a depression. He kept all his emotions hidden and just put on a happy front. It wasn’t until his family moved to Germany where he experienced a culture shock, as in Europe people were much more accepting. It took a while but he soon came out: a non-binary person who is attracted to men. George is proud of who he is and writes about being proud of yourself.

George O'Malley
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Branches Reached Out

The trees sing, you know. You just have to listen close enough as they sing beautifully for the whole forest to hear. But what if you are struggling to sing? It’s hard to notice but we all have struggles and often don’t want others to see, the same way how the strongest tree, Tsuyoi, is afraid...

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