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Glyn Marston

Glyn Marston is a man who took on the most gruelling challenges on foot to become a huge name in the world of ultra-distance running. Despite being on medication for life to control epilepsy, he went on to conquer challenges such as running 150 miles nonstop and across the Grand Canyon.

It was no surprise that he would raise thousands of pounds for charities from his gruelling endeavours.

Author's Books
Finding Freddie: The (Alternative) Paris–Brest–Paris Story

How far would you go to pay tribute to your hero?Would you cycle all the way to Switzerland, Lake Geneva to be exact, and visit the statue of your idol?Could Glyn Marston turn a personal upset into a fitting tribute to Freddie Mercury by cycling across France and into Switzerland to visit the Freddi...

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The Rise and Fall of an Ultra-Distance Runner

Glyn Marston quit smoking and decided to focus on the London Marathon as a goal to help him kick the habit but little did he know what his future held when he set off on his very first training run.What followed were some of the most gruelling challenges that a man could do on foot as Glyn’s desir...

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