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Harry Goldstar

From a young age Harry found storytelling an essential part of life.

Choosing not to become mired in the one single furrow, his interests and outlook are widely eclectic providing a wealth of experiences to be gathered and to be drawn upon.

A father and family man, he is partnered to his ex-GDR authoress enabling him to cast his ears, eyes and experiences internationally.

His writing for the young comes from a heartfelt understanding that children must be led into education via the entertainment of storytelling.

Before the harvest can be gathered first must be sewn the seed.

His stories are, in part, an attempt at this.

Education must be made fun.

To teach is to learn!

In his spare time he gifts his time volunteering for local charities.

Those wishing to know more, Harry can be contacted directly at:

Author's Books
Ting-A-Ling: The Old Ambulance

Why buy this book?Because it’s GOOD, and you’ll LOVE it!Serious, amusing, entertaining and educational.Take me home and enthral a little one close to you.Introducing them into the world of Ting-A-Ling may be the best thing you can do.Read together with your little one. It's great fun I assur...

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