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I got a break. I was this migrant kid and the system gave me a leg-up.

I went to university and chose Economics, and then my fate was sealed.

I learn about the system that is all about using resources. I do the degree and then head for the bush. I become a teacher (to pay the bills) but I also set out to separate myself from the system. I endeavour to become self-sufficient.

And then, one day, as I’m weeding the veggies, I realise the ‘square circle’…the need to feed the system – and the expense of that to the planet.

I, like everyone, do the buy-it, use-it, throw-it-away, and buy-another. But I feel the pain as the precious earth buckles and groans under my weight. Despite all my efforts to separate myself from the consumerism that envelops me, every move I make still feeds the monster. The monster; the economic system wrapped like cling wrap around me. Despite my best efforts, each morsel I drop it picks up and adds to destruction of the planet I walk on.

I’m caught in the ‘buy-it, use-it, throw-it-away and buy another’ system. How can I escape this torment?

Simple; I write about it and I hope.

Hope that the insanity of it all is finally revealed.

Hope that the spell of self-interest and greed is broken.

By my ideas…

Hesse graduated with an honours degree in Economics from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia in 1974.

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Square Circles, for Grace

Pop, as his granddaughter Grace calls him, is an advocate of simple living. He believes that ‘for something to have life, something else must give up its life’ and frames his world view on this simple mantra. In his ambitious mission, he draws young Grace into his web.Grace identifies closely wi...

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