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Iain Rigby

Before becoming a writer, Iain Rigby has tried 16 jobs, none of which he found very exciting.

His dream is to meet anyone who reads his book and have a pleasant chat. He would also like to open a comic bookstore and ride to work on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle wearing a Stormtrooper outfit!

If elected Prime Minister, he would introduce Lego on to the national curriculum, as building Lego makes everyone happy, except if you step on a piece with bare feet!

His three rules in life are: never eat somebody’s chocolate without asking, always say please and thank you, and never trust aliens who borrow your screwdriver because they are fixing their ray guns.

The author is working on lots of stories, including Theo’s next aerial adventure: Frogs Don’t Fly.

Did we mention he loves comics?

Author's Books
Frogs Don't Quack

Theo is a quiet frog who shies away from the other pond animals, particularly toads. Encouraged by Piper, an old duck, he learns that to be different is okay and that he shouldn’t be afraid to be himself – no matter what others say or do.Bounder, the leader of the toad gang, has other ideas. He ...

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