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Illari Sunkuyuq

Illari Sunkuyuq, whose real name is Veronica Carbajal Ezcurra, was born in Lima, Peru, on May 28th, 1982. She lived her childhood in Barranco district, known previously as the ‘Crib for poets and writers’, until she married. Graduated in Journalism and working for the first time in a Catholic radio station ‘Radio Maria’ and, afterwards, in the second most important radio station in her country, CPN Radio. She worked there for nearly eight years in various areas. She married in 2010 with an Austrian and left for Switzerland, where she studied German and French, and shared rehabilitation social groups with foreigners from other places in the world. Mother of two children and very passionate about poetry, literature, history, movies and music, the silence and tranquility in Switzerland made her miss her previous life, constantly active, something which her job demanded as a journalist in Lima. That’s the reason why she’s always alert about the news in the social media and information web portals.
“In July 2015, I had a revelation… I got up that morning and immediately took a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote the name ‘Kuntur’. I didn’t know its meaning but when I wrote it on the search bar in the internet, I was surprised that it was a Quechua word that meant condor, it was then I decided to write the first chapter of Kuntur: Fight for Freedom.”

Author's Books

English:Coriland: The Forbidden Town is a fantasy that contains several messages.It teaches us to overcome our internal fears and to trust who can help us in the face of adversity.It teaches us not to belittle the native communities, in this case, the Amazonians, who have a different lifestyle but ...

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What would happen if you lose your house, your country, get separated from your children and are taken as a slave to a land you don't know, don't understand anything of what they're speaking about, nor understand why you were taken, all overnight? The Kuntur family will face many challen...

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