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John Bolstridge

John Bolstridge is 73 years old and has lived his life with dyslexia, a learning disorder. After losing his wife to cancer when he was 61, he has been putting words into stories.

Although he found storytelling easy, the grammar and spelling he used in writing would make the average person laugh their socks off. Still, he hopes readers will give him a chance after learning about his dyslexia. John believes that if he can inspire other people with dyslexia to try writing what is inside their heads, his goal would be fulfilled.

John Bolstridge
Author's Books
Alien Within

You are about to read a story about aliens that invade our world. Be warned, they can change into anything they like. Humans are to be destroyed in order for them to inherit Earth.Follow Professor Trump and his team who try to stop their advance into our very existence to destroy us from within....

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